Things You Shouldn’t Do When Hiring a Locksmith

A car key replacement is an important member of the home and car ownership security team. Though they are trained to handle a variety of emergency scenarios, there are some items on which they really should have training, even though you never think about them.

Don’t leave your key in the car if you haven’t locked it. Unless you are able to unlock the door yourself, don’t leave your keys where anyone can get them. No one wants to take a chance that the person they gave keys to has the knowledge to lock your car and unlock it for someone else. Even if the locksmith uses a car starter to open the car, you still need to train them not to leave your car unlocked when you are gone.

Parking your car in an enclosed garage will not help if there is no way to lock the doors. While some garages offer locking devices, it is most common for cars to park in a free-standing structure without any kind of protection from the outside. Check your local requirements before you begin a project like this and make sure the structure you buy is suited for it.

Don’t leave your keys lying around if you can’t get to it when you want to get it out. If you can’t reach the lock with your hand, you need to hold on to it. Don’t leave it in the glove compartment or on a table; the same goes for the trunk of the car, as well.

When you have an extra set of keys, such as for your boss, use them. If you can’t find them or aren’t authorized to use them, give them to a locksmith instead. Never take a locksmith’s car keys and leave it up to them to find a place to store them or anything else, as they will be less likely to work hard if they know that their car is theirs.

Car locks can only be bypassed through brute force. It is best to think about how you are going to get into the car before you try. Rather than leaving the keys in the ignition, remember that when it starts, turn it off slowly, as the engine doesn’t start unless the driver has activated the car’s engine and pulls it out.

Keep emergency keys on you at all times in case you need them. Even when a locksmith’s keys aren’t in the car, you need to keep them in your pocket or in a wallet somewhere. If you are so far away that your locksmith can’t reach the car, and the power has been cut, it might take hours for a locksmith to arrive to open the door.

Get a locksmith identification card that you carry with you at all times so that you can prove to someone who doesn’t know you that you have the right keys. If they ask to see it, show it to them and make sure they know you know how to get into your car. The last thing you want is to be seen driving around with someone else’s keys, even if they don’t know it.